Here's whats happening at Tango Down!

Here at TDSC we constantly strive to improve your shooting experience.  This page will keep you abreast of any on-going and new enhancements to our facility.

Recent Projects

jacksonville gun range

Shooting Bays

  • Overhead cover currently being added to commercial shooting bays
  • Overhead cover features:
    • benches
    • center bench/table for ammo and equipment
    • electric outlets with phone charging
    • outdoor fans
    • security cameras
    • action camera for those who would like a video of their training session (Bays 1-3 only)

Long Range Lanes

  • Camera Calibration scheduled for 25-26 June.
  • Overhead Cover (will not cover prone position platform) (Pending)
  • A dedicated raised Prone Position Platform in front of the shooting table (Pending)

Multipurpose Bay

  • Overhead cover with benches (Complete)
  • Male and Female bathroom

Smaller Multipurpose Bay being added

We are adding a smaller Multipurpose Bay.  This bay will allow shooters to conduct pistol, rifle and shotgun exercises in a sizeable bay without renting the Multipurpose Bay.

Admin Updates

Membership Upgrades

We have upgraded and fixed our membership record databank.  Now members WILL see their applicable discounts when booking a Bay!  Many thanks to our Web-Masters!

New Member ID Cards

Members can now get their new TDSC ID Cards!  the ID cards feature:

  • Name and type of membership
  • Caveats to include:
    • Qualified shooting from the holster
    • Long Range Lane Yardage Qualifications
    • Qualified Shooing and Moving in the Multipurpose Bay