Long Range Lanes & Private Shooting Bays

Tango Down Shooting Complex: Your Ultimate Shooting & Training Destination

Welcome to Tango Down Shooting Complex, Jacksonville’s First Public Outdoor Range, where we offer a unique, hassle-free shooting experience with no daily memberships, startup fees, initiation fees, or any hidden charges. Dive into our world of specialized training features, long-range lanes, and exclusive rifle/pistol bays designed for your shooting pleasure and skill development.

tango down pistol bays

Pistol Bays

Experience the thrill of precision and versatility in our Pistol Bays. Rifles are permitted provided the shoter has frangible ammunition.  These bays are designed for both novice and experienced shooters, these bays offer a safe and controlled environment to hone your skills. Crafted from robust HESCO Defensive Barriers, our bays offer unparalleled flexibility for your training regimen. Whether you're practicing rapid-fire sequences or focusing on accuracy, our bays provide the perfect setting for a wide range of shooting disciplines.

Long Range Lanes

Featuring the The Only All Steel, "No Walk", 1200M Range in the U.S.A.

Step into the world of long-distance shooting with our Long Range Lanes. These lanes are a haven for enthusiasts aiming to push their limits, featuring distances that challenge even the most seasoned marksmen. With clear sightlines and well-maintained targets, our lanes are ideal for those looking to master the art of long-range accuracy.

We are "no-walk" because we utilize a custom camera system designed specifically for us by Longshot™:  The premier long range target camera system that provides the shooter with a live video feed and interactive experience.

*At the Moment our Long Range Lanes are "KD".  Please be patient with us as we complete the process.

tango down long range lane


The Multipurpose  Bay at Tango Down Shooting Complex offers an expansive and versatile training area, measuring an impressive 40 wide yards by 107 yards long. This is the ONLY bay atTango down that allows you to shoot ANY caliber from plinking around with your .22LR to sighting in your .338LM at 100yds.  This large space is ideal for group events, classes, and extensive personal training sessions. Its generous dimensions allow for the setup of elaborate courses of fire, various obstacles, and even prop vehicles, catering to a wide array of training scenarios and drills. When booking the Multipurpose Bay, we encourage you to inform us of any specific requirements such as additional targets, props, or other equipment, enabling us to tailor the space to your needs. This dedicated area is designed to enhance your training experience, offering the flexibility and resources necessary for a comprehensive and effective session.

Competition Bays

Our Competition Bays are the battleground for skill and strategy. Tailored for both amateur and professional shooters, these bays host a variety of competitive shooting events. From dynamic movement drills to precision target engagement, our competition bays are equipped to test your shooting prowess in a high-energy, competitive atmosphere.

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Your Shooting & Training Adventure Awaits

Tango Down Shooting Complex is more than just a range – it's a community where shooters of all levels come to train, compete, and enjoy the sport. Visit us to experience the best in shooting and training facilities.