Multipurpose Bay

From: $50.00

Tango Down’s New Multipurpose Bay: A Versatile Training Ground

3 Person Minimum

Tango Down introduces the Multipurpose Bay, a dynamic and versatile training space designed to accommodate a wide range of shooting activities. Spanning 105 yards in length and 40 yards in width, this bay is the ideal setting for both standard and specialized training exercises.

Standard Activities Include:

  • Shooting and moving
  • Drawing from the holster
  • Transition drills
  • Shooting left to right
  • Standard bay fee: $50.00/hour, applicable to all activities
  • Group shoot: 3-5 persons at $10/hour/person (min. 3 persons), 6-10 persons at $5/hour/person

See Customizations and Equipment & Rental Add-Ons in Description Below.



Expanded Training Opportunities:

  • Engage in shooting and moving toward and past targets at varying depths
  • Practice shooting from a vehicle (with a waiver and your vehicle)
  • Utilize elevated platforms for a unique shooting perspective (available for rent)
  • Conduct low light shooting or night fire sessions (requires prior coordination)
  • Zero rifles from 50 to 100 yards
  • Ideal for group shooting, accommodating large gatherings
  • Experience machine gun fire with 9mm, .223/5.56, 7.62 calibers (belt-fed options available)
  • Test your skills with Tannerite shooting

Customization & Creativity:

Customers can craft their own scenarios or seek assistance from Tango Down staff. The only limits are your imagination and adherence to safety protocols.


  • Shooting from vehicle: $25/hour per vehicle + $10/person/hour
  • Machinegun shoot: Fee varies based on the number of shooters
  • Zeroing Rifles: Charged by the hour at the flat bay fee
  • Tannerite: Included in the flat bay fee
  • Low Light/Night Fire: Contact for pricing
  • Elevated Platforms: Flat bay fee + $20 for platform rental
  • Free-standing doors and walls: $10 per wall (without windows/doors), $20 per wall (with windows/doors)