Tango Down will be Closed Tuesday June 25-26 for final Long range lane Calibration

Private Bays • Long Range Lanes • Training & Events

Jacksonville, FL's 1st Public Outdoor Shooting Range


Step into Jacksonville's premier outdoor shooting range where precision meets passion. We're not just about firing rounds; we're about honing skills, pushing boundaries, and achieving shooting excellence.

No Memberships Required: Just Pure Shooting & Training Fun!

Welcome to Tango Down, where every detail is crafted with the shooter in mind. From state-of-the-art amenities to expert guidance, our range offers a blend of features designed to elevate your shooting experience. Discover what sets us apart, ensuring each visit is memorable and unmatched.

More Than Just a Gun Range

With top-notch amenities and a welcoming atmosphere, we offer an unparalleled destination experience for every shooting enthusiast.

Safety is Top Priority, Always

Our top priority is your safety, with advanced equipment, trained professionals, and strict protocols ensuring every shot is secure and sound.

Savor Authentic Flavors

Dive into delicious on-site food offerings from Gumbo Ya Ya, bringing a taste of tradition to your shooting experience.

Gear Up at the TD Pro Shop

From essentials to luxuries, our Pro Shop stocks everything you need for an optimal shooting experience.

Knowledge Meets Practice

Our dedicated classroom space ensures you get the perfect blend of theory and hands-on training.

Comfortable Facilities, Anytime

Enjoy our air-conditioned restrooms, ensuring you stay refreshed even during the hottest days.

Expertise at Every Turn

Our knowledgeable practical and tactical trainers are on hand to guide, ensuring you master every skill with precision.

A Range for All Ages, Skills, & More

At Tango Down, we pride ourselves on our family-friendly, welcoming environment for enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Tailored to Your Needs

From accessibility features to special accommodations, we ensure every visit is comfortable and customized to your preferences.

Reserved Days for LEO/Military Training & Designated Bays for Shooting Clubs & Competitions.

On-Site Classes & Seminars for Everything from Fundamentals to Advanced Tactical Training.

See What's Happening Next at Tango Down:

From exclusive training days to community shooting events, competitions, and tactical seminars, our event calendar is bustling with activities for every enthusiast. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, there's always something tailored for you. Dive in and mark your calendar for an unparalleled shooting experience!

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

family friendly shooting range

"Awesome facility and staff! Can’t wait to go back, incredibly accommodating to my 11 yo son and provided some helpful advice to him."

Casey B.

"Jacksonville’s newest shooting complex is incredible and has spared no expense to bring state of the art shooting experiences to individuals and clubs.

They’ve hit the ground running from training to tournaments, the cleanest restrooms (yes, it matters!) and a mouth-watering restaurant! You might think the gem of Tango Down is their 3/4 mile rifle range with Longshot™, a long range target camera system that provides the shooter with a live video feed of their targets (no more walking/riding to see your hits), but its not. The diamond here is the trainers.

Here in our backyard we now have lifetimes of special forces weapons training experience available to us, and they’re exceptionally relatable to both adults and youth.

I strongly encourage you to spend some time at Tango Down and meet the owners/trainers and see why it’s a top-notch, world-class experience."

Jeff B.

Dive into a community of passionate shooters and enthusiasts. From tactical insights to gear discussions and self-defense strategies, the Tango Talk Forum is your hub for all things shooting. Share, learn, and connect with like-minded individuals in our diverse and engaging forum community.

Membership Not Required... But Highly Recommended by Our Members!

Unlock exclusive discounts, priority access, and special perks with a Tango Down Membership. Why settle for the ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary every time you visit?

Your Range. Your Bay. Your Rules.

When you're here, you're in control. Rent a bay and it's all your real estate. Set up your training scenarios, use our props, and shoot the way you want (safely, of course). At Tango Down, we believe in giving you the freedom to focus on training your way— No sharing, no interruptions.