Mid & Long Range Training

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    Did you know that NRA and CMP competitions are held regularly for service rifle ( iron sights or optics up to 4.5x) and NRA Match rifle ( Bolt action rifles generally) using iron sights or scopes and that anyone can get started? In fact, at a competition with 40-50 people, many are surprised to learn that with all of the classifications, categories, and such they are only competing against a few of the people there. the classifications begin at Marksman and go up to Sharpshooter, Expert, Master and High Master depending on the average percentage a competitor does in competitions. There are Junior categories for those under 19, and Seniors for age 60+ and Grand Seniors at 70+. Military, veterans, civilians, women, law enforcement, collegiate, are examples of the categories. All it takes to get started is the desire to do it and some basic equipment.

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    i have a Remington 700 which is custom built and bedded in a McMillan M-24 style Baker stock. the action has a clip slot for loading 5 rounds at a time via stripper clips. ( NRA rules require reloading in rapid fire). the rifle has a Bartlein Barrel, medium Palma Taper chambered in 7mm-08 and only has a few rounds through it for testing. it is setup for both precision Iron sights and / or scope. the Stock has the accessory rail underneath for your choice of hand stops and sling swivel attachments. It has an adjustable rising Cheek Rest and a 4 way adjustable Butt Plate. I will verify but I think it is a Jewel trigger and set at about 3 lbs. it is an adjustable 2 stage trigger. Stock color is a medium blue and white marble. Call or text Will 904-378-6563 for information

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